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1. _____ is the shortcut to reversing journal from Accounting Vouchers in Tally.
2. Which shortcut key is pressed to go to company Info. Menu from Gateway of Tally?
3. Which menu is used to create new ledgers, groups and voucher types in Tally?
4. Which shortcut key is used in ‘Company Features’ screen to use Inventory Features in Tally?
5. Which option is used in Tally to close opened Company?
6. How many voucher types are provided in Tally to record transactions?
7. By which option Purchase or Sales register can be viewed?
8. Sales Tax Ledger falls under which Group?
9. The shortcut key to quit from Tally is
10. What is the full form of TCS?Add description here!
11. The shortcut used for Sales Order is
12. What is the utility of Tally Vault Password?
13. Discount Column is available in
14. _____ is the shortcut to delivery note from Inventory Vouchers in Tally.
15. Which is the shortcut key to zoom TDS Challan?
16. Tally package is developed by
17. Single Entry mode is applicable for
18. The shortcut used to activate calculator is
19. Voucher Class for Interest calculation created based on
20. We can cancel a voucher using
21. Transfer of materials from one godown to another godown, use
22. Multiple godowns are activated from
23. Which shortcut key is used to export data of any company in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or in any other company?
24. TDS deduction entry can be made through
25. Bank OCC a/c is a group defined under
26. Trial balance is prepared on _____ basis.
27. Payroll Auto fill is done through
28. F12 is known as
29. Which option is used to print From 16A of TDS?
30. Which step is followed to view Purchase Register?
31. There are _____ predefined ledgers.
32. We can modify an existing Company from
33. BOM represents
34. To activate Job Costing which options require to be activated?
35. In general the Financial year from shall be from
36. Bad loans in banking terminology are generally known as
37. “Alias” represents
38. To get Payroll Reports choose
39. Which option is true for viewing Profit & Loss A/C in Gateway of Tally?
40. Write Voucher of Following Entries- Cash Paid to Bank Rs.5000/-
41. Write Voucher of Following Entries- Depriciation on Plant and Machinary of Rs. 1000
42. Shortkey for New Account Creation?
43. Group of Account for Depriciation.
44. Define Group of Account - Except Owner Desk, Furniture of Furniture Shop.
45. Cash Deposited into Bank of Rs 2000.
46. Depriciation on Plant and Machinary. Write Voucher Entry.
47. Bank Account and Cash Book rectification are known as.....
48. We have stock like pen, pencil, book. Where we create these account.
49. We can change all date in educational Tally Version.
50. Which Security open hide company name from company list...

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