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[ Corel Draw ]
What is the shortcut key to displays a full-screen preview of the graphic or drawing?
[ Corel Draw ]
What is the shortcut key to align selected objects to the bottom?
[ Corel Draw ]
C vertically aligns centers of selected objects.
[ Corel Draw ]
___________ tool is used for cropping.
[ Corel Draw ]
We have ____________ paper Orientation in CorelDraw.
[ Corel Draw ]
______________ is used for selecting and deselecting objects.
[ Corel Draw ]
CorelDraw is a ____________ based drawing Application Package
[ Corel Draw ]
In Corel Draw the keyboard shortcut to save your drawing is:
[ Corel Draw ]
What tool allows you to get a closer look at an object?
[ Corel Draw ]
If a person wanted to fill an image of a curtain with a plaid texture, what tool should be used?
[ Corel Draw ]
What is the extension of corel draw?
[ Corel Draw ]
The ruler bar is used for
[ Corel Draw ]
Who was developed by corel draw.
[ Corel Draw ]
Default paper size when open your corel draw in windows?
[ Corel Draw ]
What is actual size of A4
[ Corel Draw ]
The shortcut key for accessing symbols and special characters is ______
[ Corel Draw ]
Shortcut key of Convert to Curve is _____
[ Corel Draw ]
Insert Page option comes under ______ menu in CorelDraw.
[ Corel Draw ]
For combining selecting objects shortcut key is used?
[ Corel Draw ]
In CorelDraw how much color separation we have?
21. What is the shortcut key to create a duplicate layer of a layer?
22. Which menu contains the duplicate layer option in photoshop?
23. Photoshop launched by which company?
24. To get Desaturate option in Photoshop, we have to go to...
25. We can find variation option under filter menu in photoshop...
26. Photoshop is used for....
27. Photoshop is a image ____ application
28. What is file extension in photoshop?
29. Which tool is used to select any color from the image in Photoshop
30. What is CMYK?
31. What is RGB?
32. By Which Option we Can Open New File in Photoshop?
33. Full form of DPI?
34. Full form of GIF?
35. What kind of Colors are Red, Green, Blue?
36. Which of these software is using the Gradient tool?
37. Which of these formats supports Transparency?
38. In which of these formats does not change the image quality when the image is saved?
39. Which tool is used to select a similar pixels
40. Which tool is used to blur the image

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