Tally Erp Tally Prime Mcq Question Part 1

Tally Mcq Include All topic. These all question related to your Ms Office Exam, CCC Exam, Computer Basic Exam, Interview Preparation.

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#1. There are ________________ methods of entry system in accountancy.

#2. There are ________________rules of accounts.

#3. According to white paper there are __________________ categories of goods under VAT System.

#4. In __________________Option we can maintain Financial Books of Accounts & Inventory.

#5. For creating a duplicate voucher _______________________ key is used.

#6. Discount normally allowed by creditor to debtor for getting immediate payment is____________.

#7. Contra voucher is related with ________________.

#8. Right hand side of an account is __________________.

#9. Trading account shows ________________.

#10. ________________ Displays configuration screen.

#11. Shortcut Key of Changing Period ________________.

#12. Shortcut key of Reversing journals is ________________.

#13. Trade Discount is allowed as deduction from ________________.

#14. An account of Expenses or losses is called ______________ A/c.

#15. An Account of Income or Gain is called ________________.

#16. ______________ Voucher is used for Recording Orders for supply of Goods or Services.

#17. ________________ is used for recording orders for supply of goods.

#18. _____________ is an Indirect method of Collecting Income Tax.

#19. __________________ is recorded in Books of Accounts.

#20. From Trial Balance ________________ can be prepared.

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