Tally Erp Tally Prime Mcq Question Part 4

Tally Mcq Include All topic. These all question related to your Ms Office Exam, CCC Exam, Computer Basic Exam, Interview Preparation.

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#1. The shortcut key to quit from Tally is

#2. What is the full form of TCS?

#3. The shortcut used for Sales Order is

#4. What is the utility of Tally Vault Password?

#5. Discount Column is available in

#6. We can cancel a voucher using

#7. Transfer of materials from one godown to another godown, use

#8. Multiple godowns are activated from

#9. Which shortcut key is used to export data of any company in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or in any other company?

#10. Payroll Auto fill is done through

#11. F12 is known as

#12. Which option is used to print From 16A of TDS?

#13. Which step is followed to view Purchase Register?

#14. Bad loans in banking terminology are generally known as

#15. Which option is true for viewing Profit & Loss A/C in Gateway of Tally?

#16. Write Voucher of Following Entries- Cash Paid to Bank Rs.5000/-

#17. Write Voucher of Following Entries- Depriciation on Plant and Machinary of Rs. 1000

#18. Shortkey for New Account Creation?

#19. Define Group of Account - Except Owner Desk, Furniture of Furniture Shop.

#20. Bank Account and Cash Book rectification are known as.....

#21. We have stock like pen, pencil, book. Where we create these account.

#22. Which Security open hide company name from company list...

#23. Which option is selected from Company Info Menu to divide compnay data into Two Financial Years.

#24. Which unit is created for Stock Items like grain, pulse, sugar,oil etc.

#25. Which unit is created for Stock Items like Cloths.

#26. What is the predefined number of Group are in Tally

#27. A credit note is sent by _________ to ________.

#28. GST stands for Goods and Services Tax, and it is a tax system that covers a wide range of

#29. What duties are taxes on intra-State supplies?

#30. The IGST Act of 2017 covers the whole country.

#31. What is the full form of GST?

#32. How many structures does Indian GST System have?

#33. What is the maximum CGST Rate in India?

#34. What is the GST rate slab for Goods & Services?

#35. Goods & Service Tax replaced which tax?

#36. On which of the following items VAT is still applicable?

#37. Is PAN Number mandatory for GST Registration?

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