Tally Erp Tally Prime Mcq Question Part 3

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#1. To Shut Currently Opened Co. we have to press _______________ on Control Button Panel.

#2. ________________means a person who is in a position to pay his debts as they become due.

#3. Purchase Bill pending menu comes under ________________.

#4. Kgs. & Dzs. are ________________.

#5. Provision for Doubtful Debts is deducted from __________________ in the Balance Sheet.

#6. _______________ is the Under Group of “Kids Collection” to whom we sale goods on credit.

#7. Current Liabilities group includes ________________ subgroups.

#8. ________________ is the Under Group of “Party from whom we purchase goods on credit “.

#9. _______________ is the Under Group of “Dazzling Stars Ltd” from whom we purchase goods on credit.

#10. _______ is an enhanced Security System, which allows for encryption of the Company Data.

#11. Quit Command closes ______________________.

#12. All Accounts must be classified under their appropriate ________________.

#13. ___________ is normally allowed by Creditor to his Debtor for getting Immediate Payment.

#14. Recording of transaction in any book of accounting is called as _______________________.

#15. __________________ is prepared only after adjusting various Ledger Accounts.

#16. ________________ is prepared after adjusting various Ledger Accounts.

#17. Impersonal Accounts are Classified into _____________ Parts.

#18. VCD & RICE are ________________.

#19. ________________ is the Under Group of “Reserves kept for Employees “.

#20. ________________ is the Under Group of “Loan taken from relative without keeping any security”.

#21. ____________ is a system of indirect taxation which has been introduced in lieu of sales tax.

#22. The features of Tally are ________________.

#23. ________________ is used for recording day-to-day transaction.

#24. ________________ provides service to the Deductor.

#25. Opening screen of Tally contains ________________ elements.

#26. Liabilities means amount payable by business to the outsiders.

#27. Purchase Order can be sent to the Supplier.

#28. Stock Journal Voucher does not affects Books of Accounts.

#29. Amount invested by business outside his business is Investment.

#30. Double Entry System is Incomplete or Partial records of Business transaction.

#31. Excess of Expenses over Income is Net Loss.

#32. Drawings reduces Capital.

#33. F11 key is used to access the feature for a company.

#34. In Balance Sheet shows all our assets & liabilities.

#35. Ctrl+P is shortcut key for printing used in Tally.

#36. The Amount due from the Debtor is called Debts.

#37. Discount allowed by Supplier is an Income.

#38. Appreciation charged on Fixed Assets is recorded in Contra Voucher.

#39. Entries in Memo Voucher are posted to Ledger

#40. Appreciation is Loss to Business.

#41. Discount allowed to Customer is an Income.

#42. Sale Voucher record Credit Purchase of Asset.

#43. Tally allows deletion of Ledger having Entries recorded in that.

#44. Entries made using Memo Voucher will not affect your accounts.

#45. Purchase Order can be sent to the Customer.

#46. Financial Year can be splitted to see the Performance of Same Company in Different Periods.

#47. We can change Drive Name at the time of Backup.

#48. Debit Balance of Profit/Loss A/c indicates Net Profit.

#49. Sales Order is used to place orders of goods to the Supplier.

#50. Credit Note means Sales Return.

#51. A Person whose Liabilities are more than his Assets, is called Solvent.

#52. Stock is always valued at Market Price.

#53. Ledgering is Summarizing and Classification of transaction.

#54. The person whose assets are more than its liability is known as insolvent .

#55. Narration is written just above an Entry.

#56. TDS means Tax Deducted at Sales.

#57. A company can be deleted in Alter mode only.

#58. TCS is the Tax Collected at Source.

#59. In TDS, deductee provides services to the deductor.

#60. Alt+F9 is shortcut key for Receipt Note.

#61. Depreciation on Machinery is recorded in Journal Voucher.

#62. Journal Entry is recorded for Placement of order only.

#63. In Accounting terms each debit must have corresponding credit effect.

#64. Return Inward is also known as Purchase Return.

#65. Sales Return means Return Outward.

#66. Trial Balance contain all ledger credit & debit balances.

#67. Gross Profit is posted to Balance Sheet.

#68. Commission received in advance is our Liability.

#69. Assets when purchased are recorded at cost price & not at market price.

#70. Purchase & Sales Order are activated through Company Features.

#71. Tally automatically generates a number of reports once we have enter the vouchers.

#72. Through E-mail option we can send Invoice to our customer.

#73. We cannot publish all reports & documents on websites with the help of Tally.

#74. Vouchers are used to record day to day transaction.

#75. A person who owes money to the business is creditor.

#76. Contra voucher includes all the entries between bank and cash.

#77. In the Balance sheet every debit entry is matched by a credit entry.

#78. Ledgers are very important for voucher entries.

#79. Tally does not permit to change the parent of a predefined group.

#80. User can delete a groups from multiple alternation mode.

#81. User can delete a group from single alteration mode only.

#82. Ledger can be deleted when there is no transactions recorded into ledger.

#83. In display mode user can make any change in the group.

#84. User can select more than one company at a time.

#85. After creating a company, many cash accounts can be created.

#86. Profit & Loss A/c displays all primary groups and their closing Dr. and Cr. Balance.

#87. For maintaining accounts, Tally requires accounting code.

#88. In Tally, features activated through F12 key are applicable to all companies.

#89. Memo voucher entries do not affect the Balance Sheet.

#90. _____ is the shortcut to reversing journal from Accounting Vouchers in Tally.

#91. Which shortcut key is pressed to go to company Info. Menu from Gateway of Tally?

#92. Which menu is used to create new ledgers, groups and voucher types in Tally?

#93. Which option is used in Tally to close opened Company?

#94. By which option Purchase or Sales register can be viewed?

#95. Sales Tax Ledger falls under which Group?

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