Tally Erp Shortcut Key

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Tally Erp Shortcut Key

Tally Erp Shortcut Key
Tally Erp Shortcut Key

Tally Erp Shortcut Key के मदद से Tally को एक दम ही आसानी से कर सकते है, और Tally Erp Shortcut Key बहुत महत्त्वपूर्ण है याद रखना माउस के सहारे काम करने से बेहतर है.

Tally Erp Shortcut Key

Shortcut Description Tally Erp Shortcut Key
F12 Only Press F12
F12 Alt F12
F12 Ctrl F12
Print Alt P
Export Alt E
Create Ledger ALC
Alter Ledger ALA
To See Entries (ALL) DD (Display −−−> Daybook −−−> Select Period
To See One Ledger DAL (Display −−−> Account −−−> Book Ledger)
Make Ledger Alt C
Change Ledger Ctrl Enter
Enter Enter Ctrl A
Calculator Ctrl N
To Hide Ledger Alt R
To Unhide Ledger Alt U
F2 To change the menu period
F3 To select the company
F4 To select the Contra voucher
F5 To select the Payment voucher
F6 To select the Receipt voucher
F7 To select the Journal voucher
F8 To select the Sales voucher
F8 (CTRL+F8) To select the Credit Note voucher
F9 To select the Purchase voucher
F9 (CTRL+F9) To select the Debit Note voucher
F10 To select the Reversing Journal voucher
F10 To select the Memorandum voucher
F11 To select the Functions and Features screen
F12 To select the Configure screen
ALT + 2 To Duplicate a voucher
ALT + A To Add a voucher
ALT + C To create a master at a voucher screen (if it has not been already assigned a different function, as in reports like Balance Sheet, where it adds a new column to the report)
ALT + D To delete a voucher
ALT + E To export the report in ASCII, SDF, HTML OR XML format
ALT + I To insert a voucher
Alt+H Help Shortcut
ALT + O To upload the report at your website
Alt+I Insert a voucher / To toggle between Item and Accounting invoice
Alt+N To view the report in automatic columns (Multiple Columns at all reports, Trial Balance, Cash/bank books, Group Summary & Journal Reg
Alt+U Retrieve the last line which is deleted using Alt+R
Alt+Y Register Tally
ALT + M To Email the report
ALT + P To print the report
ALT + R To remove a line in a report
ALT + S To bring back a line you removed using ALT + R
ALT+ V From Invoice screen to bring Stock Journal screen
ALT + W To view the Tally Web browser.
Alt+Z Zoom
ALT + X To cancel a voucher in Day Book/List of Vouchers
ALT + R To Register Tally
CTRL + A To accept a form – wherever you use this key combination, that screen or report gets accepted as it is.
Ctrl+Alt+B Check the Company Statutory details
Ctrl+M Switches to Main Area of Tally Screen
Ctrl+N Switches to Calculator / ODBC Section of Tally Screen
Ctrl+R Repeat narration in the same voucher type irrespective of Ledger Account
Ctrl+T Mark any voucher as Post Dated Voucher
Ctrl+Alt+C Copy the text from Tally (At creation and alternation screens)
Ctrl+Alt+V To paste the text from Tally (At creation and alternation screens)
Ctrl+F9 Select Debit Note Voucher
Ctrl+Alt+c (for copy) Ctrl+Alt+v (for paste) Duplicate narration in many Vouchers
Ctrl+F6 Rejection In
CTRL + B To select the Budget
CTRL + C To select the Cost Centre
CTRL+ E To select the Currencies
CTRL + G To select the Group
CTRL + I To select the Stock Items
CTRL + L To select the Ledger
CTRL + O To select the Godowns
CTRL + Q To abandon a form – wherever you use this key combination, it quits that screen without making any changes to it.
CTRL + Alt + R Rewrite data for a Company
CTRL + S Allows you to alter Stock Item master
CTRL + U To select the Units
Ctrl + V To select the Voucher Types
ALT + F1 To close a company
ALT+ F2 To change the system period
ALT + F3 To select the company info menu
ALT + F4 To select the Purchase Order Voucher Type
ALT + F5 To select the Sales Order Voucher Type
ALT + F6 To select the Rejection Out Voucher Type
ALT + F7 To select the Stock Journal Voucher Type
ALT+ F8 To select the Delivery Note Voucher Type
ALT + F9 To select the Receipt Note Voucher Type
ALT + F10 To select the Physical Stock Voucher Type
ALT + F12 To filter the information based on monetary value
CTRL + ALT + F12 Advanced Config
PgUp Display previous voucher during voucher entry/alter
PgDn Display next voucher during voucher entry/alter
ENTER To accept anything you type into a field.
ESC To remove what you typed into a field
SHIFT + ENTER Collapse next level details
SHIFT + ENTER To explode a line into its details
CTRL + ENTER To alter a master while making an entry or viewing a report
Tally Erp Shortcut Key

Auto Cad shortcut Key के लिए आप इस दिए हुए लिंक पर जाओ.

टैली के सॉफ्टवेयर को एजुकेशन मोड के लिए https://tallysolutions.com/tally-erp-9/ download करना चाहते हो तो इस दिए लिंक पर जाओ.

और यदि Tally Erp का लाइसेंस version सॉफ्टवेयर कम दाम में खरीदना चाहते हो तो यहाँ क्लिक करे. Tally.ERP 9: Gold- GST Ready- Multi User (Email Delivery in 2 hours- No CD)


आपने इस post Tally Erp Shortcut Key के माध्यम से बहुत कुछ जानने को मिला होगा. और आपको हमारी दी गयी जानकारी पसंद भी आया होगा. हमारी पूरी कोशिश होगी कि आपको हम पूरी जानकारी दे सके.जिससे आप को जानकारियों को जानने समझने और उसका उपयोग करने में कोई दिक्कत न हो और आपका समय बच सके. साथ ही साथ आप को वेबसाइट सर्च के जरिये और अधिक खोज पड़ताल करने कि जरुरत न पड़े.

यदि आपको लगता है Tally Erp Shortcut Key इसमे कुछ खामिया है और सुधार कि आवश्यकता है अथवा आपको अतिरिक्त इन जानकारियों को लेकर कोई समस्या हो या कुछ और पूछना होतो आप हमें कमेंट बॉक्स में कमेंट करके पूछ सकते है.

और यदि आपको Tally Erp Shortcut Key की जानकरी पसंद आती है और इससे कुछ जानने को मिला और आप चाहते है दुसरे भी इससे कुछ सीखे तो आप इसे social मीडिया जैसे कि facebook, twitter, whatsapps इत्यादि पर शेयर भी कर सकते है.


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